August AlsinaIt was another busy month at 11th Street Studios, as continuing renovations saw a lounge for Studio B take form, and the kitchenette are get some notable upgrades. There is still a good bit of work to get done, as all of the sessions taking place slowed construction, but we aren’t complaining, that’s what we’re here for!

NNTME MuCo. kept their foot on the gas also, booking 22 days in Studio C and 2 days in Studio A with engineer Dan Cahill, working on artists August Alsina, Rocky Diamonds, Lloyd, and Gloria, along with producers D.Clax, Cassius Jay, The Exclusives, and Knucklehead.

Young Scooter continued to stay on his grind this month, clocking a total of 16 days in Studio B throughout the month of November, with engineers EJ Washington and Gary Jones.

Songwriter Fallon King (of Cherish) and producer D.Clax spent 13 days in Studio C writing new material for placement.

Rocko put in 3 long days in Studio A, working right up until Thanksgiving morning with engineer Steve Fisher, getting songs ready for his upcoming POET mixtape.

Other noteworthy sessions include Dante Peeps, who booked Studio A for a day with engineer Steve Fisher to finish up a few songs for his new album project. Producer Pit and songwriter Jeff B. worked 4 days with new young singer Jennifer Carrillo in Studio C.   Rap artist 550 got 2 sessions in Studio B with engineer EJ Washington, while Big Kuntry King booked 3 days in Studio A with guest engineer View. Kaleem also got a day in Studio A and another in Studio C, both with engineer Dan Cahill manning the console. CKP booked a day for Young Mazi in Studio B, and another day in Studio A for Mazi and Atlanta R&B legends Jagged Edge to work on some new material.


FutureThe opening of our brand new Studio B got off on the right foot with 2 powerhouse sessions back to back. Lex Luger kicked things off with a hard hitting production session, followed by Epic Records booking a Future session with Atlanta legends Organized Noize. Rico Wade, Ray Murray, and Sleep Brown all attended to reproduce a sampled track for a song that features none other than Andre 3000 himself on both the hook and a verse! This one’s sure to make the album; session engineered by Steve Fisher.

Rocko spent a day in Studio A working on a few new songs with Steve Fisher engineering.

Producer Drumma Boy stopped through Studio A 3 times this month: once with Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul, Lil’ Whyte, and Jelly Roll; once with a new Slip’N’Slide Records artist; and again for a filming session for a new TV show called Sisterhood of Hip Hop on Oxygen Network. The show’s stars Diamond, Siya, Bia, Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme and guest Da Brat were in the building, along with the production crew from 51 Minds.

Young Money artist Shanell did 4 dates in Studio A with producer Putt, songwriter Draft, and engineer Steve Fisher working on a handful of new songs.

Warner Chappell booked a day for Chicago producer Young Chop to bang out a few new beats in Studio C.

Black Migo Gang / A1FBG rap artist Young Scooter was finally released from prison on the 23rd and came back focused, heading straight to the studio that night and getting in 8 straight days in Studio B before the month was over, all sessions engineered by E. J. Washington. A number of producers came in to work with him on some fresh material, including Zeytoven, Metro Boomin, and DJ Spinz; and a number of Freebandz and Black Migo artists also stopped by to provide features, including Casino. Expect a new mixtape to hit the streets soon.

NNTME MoCo. booked 12 days in Studio C this month for their new rap artist Rocky Diamonds to work on some fresh music with their producers Knucklehead, D.Clax, and Cassius Jay. Also using some of the time was their Def Jam artist August Alsina. Atlantic Records also booked a day in Studio A for their artist K.Michelle to get a feature from August on the remix of her “V.S.O.P” single, with Dan Cahill engineering all of the sessions.

Dante Peeps came into Studio A for a couple days to finish up work on his new album to be released in Japan by Germany’s Tyro Productions, with Steve Fisher engineering.

Rounding out the month, independent artist Kaleem spent a day in Studio C with engineer Dan Cahill, Young Mazi dropped in Studio C for a few hours, QuicTrip spent a few hours in Studio B, engineer Stikahbush spent a day in Studio A working on a mix, and songwriter Fallon King did a couple sessions in Studio C with producer D.Clax and engineer Dan Cahill.


In May of 2013, owner Steve Fisher bought out his former partner and co-founder Josh Butler, beginning a new chapter for 11th Street Studios. As we part ways, we wish Josh well in his own new beginning. As for 11th Street, we find the change energizing, and with the new consolidated ownership comes a renewed focus on excellence and growth. Our new direction can be seen in the many exciting changes taking place around the building.

One obvious change is our new and improved online prescence. We love our beautiful new website and domain at (our old domain of is still functional, and simply forwards to our new simplified one. Thanks to our friend Mathias Sorum over at for all his help and excellent work with the new website, photos, graphic design, SEO, and marketing efforts.

Another major sign of change has been all of the ongoing renovations taking place since the summer. First was the construction of a 3rd studio, with the newly dubbed Studio B finally opening on September 1st. Our old Studio B was re-dubbed Studio C to simplify things going forward, as this is a more logical arrangement. Next was the creation of our new kitchenette off of the back hallway, built out of an old machine room that was no longer in use. It now houses our new 45 selection Snack machine, our new 45 selection Drink machine, our water machine, coffee machine, blender, and a new kitchen countertop and cabinets complete with a brand new undermount microwave. Construction of Studio B’s lounge began in October and should be completely finished by the New Year. In the process both the C Lounge and the Reception Area are getting a fresh redesign. Everyone has been pleasantly surprised with the new layout, and we are all excited to see the project finished.

We have a number of major upgrades and additions planned for the near future, but we are keeping the details under wraps right now, so stay tuned to hear about them as they happen. Keep an eye on this blog for regular updates on the happenings around the studio, our monthly session notes, press releases, and our clients’ activities. To all current and former clients, feel free to drop us a line to keep us updated about any new releases or other exciting news, we would love to share the info here in our postings.