August AlsinaIt was another busy month at 11th Street Studios, as continuing renovations saw a lounge for Studio B take form, and the kitchenette are get some notable upgrades. There is still a good bit of work to get done, as all of the sessions taking place slowed construction, but we aren’t complaining, that’s what we’re here for!

NNTME MuCo. kept their foot on the gas also, booking 22 days in Studio C and 2 days in Studio A with engineer Dan Cahill, working on artists August Alsina, Rocky Diamonds, Lloyd, and Gloria, along with producers D.Clax, Cassius Jay, The Exclusives, and Knucklehead.

Young Scooter continued to stay on his grind this month, clocking a total of 16 days in Studio B throughout the month of November, with engineers EJ Washington and Gary Jones.

Songwriter Fallon King (of Cherish) and producer D.Clax spent 13 days in Studio C writing new material for placement.

Rocko put in 3 long days in Studio A, working right up until Thanksgiving morning with engineer Steve Fisher, getting songs ready for his upcoming POET mixtape.

Other noteworthy sessions include Dante Peeps, who booked Studio A for a day with engineer Steve Fisher to finish up a few songs for his new album project. Producer Pit and songwriter Jeff B. worked 4 days with new young singer Jennifer Carrillo in Studio C.   Rap artist 550 got 2 sessions in Studio B with engineer EJ Washington, while Big Kuntry King booked 3 days in Studio A with guest engineer View. Kaleem also got a day in Studio A and another in Studio C, both with engineer Dan Cahill manning the console. CKP booked a day for Young Mazi in Studio B, and another day in Studio A for Mazi and Atlanta R&B legends Jagged Edge to work on some new material.