Studio E now open!


11th Street Studios is proud to announce the official opening of our 4th room, Studio E, along with the overall expansion of the facility as a whole, with the final integration of the lower level now accessible from within.  Studio E is an approximately 10′ x 12′, 120 SF control room with vocal booth, designed and built by our own Audio Elements, LLC.  It features Pro Tools HD 11 running on a blazing fast Mac Pro 3.5 GHz 6-Core w/ 16 GB of RAM and a massive 27″ Apple Thunderbolt HD Display.  Conversion is handled by an Avid HD Omni Interface, with quality monitoring provided by industry standard Yamaha NS-10’s as well as the acclaimed Barefoot MicroMain35’s.  A Universal Audio Octo powers the large collection of UAD-2 plugins, which compliment a host of other native plugins on the system.  With an SSL Nucleus console as the centerpiece, this great sounding room will serve us well as a space for writing, production, editing, tracking, and mixing.  We can’t wait for the first session!

11th Street Studios in this month’s MIX MAGAZINE


11th Street Studios is proud to announce our appearance in this month’s MIX MAGAZINE, the long-time premiere publication of the recording industry. The JULY 2014 issue’s Mix Regional section focuses on Atlanta, and we were given a nice little feature on page 53.  Check it out, and pick up a copy on newsstands nationwide today!




In May of 2013, owner Steve Fisher bought out his former partner and co-founder Josh Butler, beginning a new chapter for 11th Street Studios. As we part ways, we wish Josh well in his own new beginning. As for 11th Street, we find the change energizing, and with the new consolidated ownership comes a renewed focus on excellence and growth. Our new direction can be seen in the many exciting changes taking place around the building.

One obvious change is our new and improved online prescence. We love our beautiful new website and domain at (our old domain of is still functional, and simply forwards to our new simplified one. Thanks to our friend Mathias Sorum over at for all his help and excellent work with the new website, photos, graphic design, SEO, and marketing efforts.

Another major sign of change has been all of the ongoing renovations taking place since the summer. First was the construction of a 3rd studio, with the newly dubbed Studio B finally opening on September 1st. Our old Studio B was re-dubbed Studio C to simplify things going forward, as this is a more logical arrangement. Next was the creation of our new kitchenette off of the back hallway, built out of an old machine room that was no longer in use. It now houses our new 45 selection Snack machine, our new 45 selection Drink machine, our water machine, coffee machine, blender, and a new kitchen countertop and cabinets complete with a brand new undermount microwave. Construction of Studio B’s lounge began in October and should be completely finished by the New Year. In the process both the C Lounge and the Reception Area are getting a fresh redesign. Everyone has been pleasantly surprised with the new layout, and we are all excited to see the project finished.

We have a number of major upgrades and additions planned for the near future, but we are keeping the details under wraps right now, so stay tuned to hear about them as they happen. Keep an eye on this blog for regular updates on the happenings around the studio, our monthly session notes, press releases, and our clients’ activities. To all current and former clients, feel free to drop us a line to keep us updated about any new releases or other exciting news, we would love to share the info here in our postings.