11th STREET STUDIOS, in association with 11th STREET MUSIC and 11th STREET RECORDINGS are now offering a number of internship positions within our growing business.

We are always on the lookout for talented, intelligent, hard-working young people
who are full of potential and eager to learn from our experienced staff.
If you think you have what it takes to make it in today’s music industry, and would
like to start your career off on the right foot, contact us today!

Audio Engineering Internship Program

Learn to run sessions from experienced recording engineers, and gain the skills needed to become a professional engineer.  Sit in on real sessions with seasoned artists, producers, and songwriters to witness the creative process in action.

Audio Post & Sound Design Internship Program

Learn to run sessions from experienced audio post recording engineers and sound designers, and gain the skills needed to become a professional.  Sit in on real sessions with various clients including advertising agencies, tv productions, feature films, and video games to witness the creative process in action.

Visual Arts Internship Program

Are you interested in applying your talents in the music industry?  This internship focuses on a variety of fields including photography, videography/cinematography, graphic design, and web design.

Music Business & Marketing Internship Program

A focus on marketing as it applies to studios, artists, producers, record labels, production companies, and publishing companies, as well as the business aspects of A&R, management, and administration.


– Graduate of a recognized engineering or music technology program. At times we may make exceptions to this rule and accept current students in such programs. We may consider giving school credit to students required to do internships, in which case you are encouraged to apply well in advance.

– Solid foundation of engineering
– Knowledge of signal flow
– Pro Tools experience
– Musical knowledge a plus
– High technical aptitude
– Good people skills
– Problem solving abilities
– Career focused individuals

– We prefer interns who are focused on becoming professional audio engineers, and really want to learn. We do not accept those who want to be rappers,
singers, songwriters, or producers, or any other music industry position.

– An open schedule. A part time job or school schedule is acceptable, but a full time job or too many other obligations usually causes too much of a conflicting schedule.
– Your own reliable car is a must.