Studio E now open!


11th Street Studios is proud to announce the official opening of our 4th room, Studio E, along with the overall expansion of the facility as a whole, with the final integration of the lower level now accessible from within.  Studio E is an approximately 10′ x 12′, 120 SF control room with vocal booth, designed and built by our own Audio Elements, LLC.  It features Pro Tools HD 11 running on a blazing fast Mac Pro 3.5 GHz 6-Core w/ 16 GB of RAM and a massive 27″ Apple Thunderbolt HD Display.  Conversion is handled by an Avid HD Omni Interface, with quality monitoring provided by industry standard Yamaha NS-10’s as well as the acclaimed Barefoot MicroMain35’s.  A Universal Audio Octo powers the large collection of UAD-2 plugins, which compliment a host of other native plugins on the system.  With an SSL Nucleus console as the centerpiece, this great sounding room will serve us well as a space for writing, production, editing, tracking, and mixing.  We can’t wait for the first session!

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